Yellow Onyx

Features yellow onyx stone

  • Has little resistance to moisture and weathering.
  • It has low resistance to scratches and abrasion.
  • Yellow onyx stone is more expensive than other stones due to its attractiveness and high quality.
  • The presence of quartz and other silicate minerals increases the durability and strength of marble.

Advantages of yellow onyx stone

  • Yellow onyx stone has more durability in indoor spaces due to its high strength.
  • This stone does not increase the overall weight of the building due to its low weight.
  • It has less porosity than other rocks.
  • Yellow onyx stone is easy to clean.
  • Due to the lack of heat retention, onyx always has a cool surface and keeps the environment cool.
  • This stone was sandy and polished.

Disadvantages of yellow onyx stone

  • Yellow onyx stone with wavy gray streaks becomes dull if exposed to sunlight, so it is best not to use it on the exterior.
  • This stone absorbs them faster due to its lack of resistance to contamination, so it is not suitable for exterior facades.
  • This stone is not suitable for decoration because it is more expensive than other decorative stones.
  • Corrosion of yellow marble onyx is high and sensitive to acidic substances
  • This stone gets scratched quickly.